Chapter 10 Summary

Aariel in his lion form comforts Yalith while Grandfather Lamech lies dying in his tent. Dennys waits outside. Noah holds up his father to enable him to breathe. Lamech urges Noah to do what El commanded him to do. Noah promises as Lamech dies. Outside, a seraph comes to Dennys. Japheth and Oholibamah go off to grieve by themselves. Japheth tells his wife that El gave Noah a command to build an ark in the desert, far from the water. Oholibamah is incredulous and wonders if Noah understood.

Noah, his sons, and the women come out from the tent. Sandy has still not arrived, and they wonder where he is. They know he would want to be there at Lamech’s burial. The women prepare Lamech’s body for burial. The men carry him to a nearby cave and dig a hole in the sand, rejecting Dennys’s offer to help; this is something that sons must do. The family performs a dance after the burial.

Sandy opens his eyes and finds himself in small tent, rank with smells. He realizes he has been kidnapped but does not understand what the reason could be. He thinks of Lamech, who is surely dead by now. He hears a girl’s voice and hopes it is Yalith. Instead, it is Tiglah, as he can tell by her smell. He asks her how, if she likes him so much, she can let her father and brother kidnap him. Tiglah tells him she can do nothing. He tells her he needs to go to the bathroom. She unties him reluctantly after he promises not to run away. She suggests that the two of them run off together. Sandy rejects this, telling her that there are worse fates than death. She is furious at his rejection, ties him back up, and leaves.

Noah is concerned that Sandy still has not shown up. Anah says she thinks he is with her sister, Tiglah. Sandy wants to go look for him, but he is still not well enough. The others will start a search. They believe he has come under attack from someone unknown. Noah and Matred stay behind in the tent. Noah tells his wife that he must build the ark soon. Matred asks about the fate of the twins, but Noah says that he is to take only her, their sons, and their sons’ wives with them. Matred asks about their daughters, and Noah is silent.