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The Chevalier des Grieux

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The Chevalier des Grieux (day gree-YEW), a student of philosophy at Amiens. He becomes a seminary student, a card cheat, and finally, returning from New Orleans after Manon’s death, a priest.


Tiberge (tee-BEHRZH), a fellow student who urges des Grieux to forget Manon by studying religion at the Seminary of Saint-Supplice. He follows des Grieux to America and persuades him to return to France.

The Father of des Grieux

The Father of des Grieux, who gets his son released from jail but will not help Manon.

Manon Lescaut

Manon Lescaut (mah-NOH[N] lehs-KOH), a pretty courtesan who attracts des Grieux. She also bestows her attentions on M. de B——— and later on M. de G——— M———, at the suggestion of her brother. She dies an exile in New Orleans.

M. Lescaut

M. Lescaut, of the Royal guards, the unscrupulous brother of Manon. He is killed by a man whose fortune he won at cards.

M. de B———

M. de B———, who is in love with Manon.

M. de G——— M———

M. de G——— M———, a wealthy old man duped and robbed by des Grieux and Manon.

M. de G——— M——— Jr.

M. de G——— M——— Jr., the son, who comes to avenge his father but is won over by the charms of Manon.

M. de T———

M. de T———, who helps dupe young G——— M———. He is arrested by the police.

The Governor of New Orleans

The Governor of New Orleans, who forbids the marriage of Manon and the chevalier because his nephew, Synnelet, loves her.

M. Synnelet

M. Synnelet (see-neh-LAY), who fights a duel with des Grieux over Manon in New Orleans.

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