When did Maniac show extreme upset in chapter 17 of Maniac Magee?

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There is some textual evidence in this chapter that shows Maniac exaggerating a bit to show his anger and annoyance. I would point to the following quote:

He must be hard of hearing, Maniac thought. So he called it out really loud and slow and pointed again. "I—live—at— seven—twenty—eight—Sy-ca-more. I do."

Maniac is defending the fact that he lives in the black neighborhood. We have been told that Maniac is colorblind with regard to race, and this quote is a good example. An elderly man in the neighborhood wants Maniac to go back to the white people's side of town, and Maniac adamantly defends that he is at home where he currently is. The quote indicates that Maniac is over-emphasizing his home address in a way that someone might do to a person who is not very intelligent. The result of the encounter is that Maniac doesn't sleep well for a few days. He keeps getting up earlier and earlier to run. It's his coping mechanism as well as his head-clearing space.

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