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Research and put on a debate about the desirability of Canada's policy of multiculturalism. Include a "representative" of Shaila Bhave in the debate. How does the policy compare to a "melting pot" policy like that of the United States? Does your answer to this question depend on your position in society?

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Gather information from psychology books on the ways that people experience and deal with grief. Do they accurately describe Shaila's experience in the story?

Investigate the Sikh community of India. What is their stance now on the Air India bombing? What is the status of their fight for an independent state called "Khalistan"?

Read several stories about the immigrant experience by other writers such as Bernard Malamud or V. S. Naipaul. How do their representations of the experience differ from Mukherjee's? How do their stories differ from the story we Americans like to tell ourselves about immigration to the United States?

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