Discuss ways in which organizations can identify their internal and external information needs.

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Organizations can identify their internal and external information needs by determining what knowledge can come from within the organization and what intelligence must come from beyond the organization for the organization to be effective and successful.

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Organizations can identify their internal information needs by figuring out what information they can give their employees for them to effectively carry out their tasks. An employee within a given organization will need information related to communications. They’ll need to know the email addresses of coworkers, how to safely use the computer network, and how to securely send and manage any data. All of these details can come from within the organization.

Some members within an organization will have more internal information. Not every member of an organization might know the salary of employees, the health history of employees, or complaints or disciplinary action that has been made or taken against an employee. The select members of the organization with access to such information will have to carefully determine when it is and isn’t appropriate to share this information with coworkers or, in some cases, the public at large.

External information needs will relate to knowledge that cannot be acquired from within the organization. If an organization is trying to measure what people think of one of its products or services, it will have to go outside the organization to acquire accurate feedback. If an organization is considering launching a new product or service, it will have to gather external information about the marketplace for this product or service. Employees will have to go beyond their organization and look into other competitors to identify what they're doing and how their organization could do it better.

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