The Man in the Woods

by Rosemary Wells

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Last Updated on May 11, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 169

Helen and Pinky witness an accident caused by the Punk Rock Thrower who has been throwing huge rocks at cars, but they do not actually see anyone throw the rock. Helen sees a suspicious stranger near the scene of the crime and follows him into the woods. She never gets a clear look at the stranger, but later realizes that he knows who she is. Helen is convinced that the police have arrested the wrong person as the Punk Rock Thrower, that the man in the woods could not be the person who was arrested. Only Pinky believes her. Helen is threatened and is faced with real and imaginary dangers, all of which become convincingly frightening. Wells skillfully creates an atmosphere of suspense that makes the reader feel Helen's panic, fear, and suspicion as she tries to figure out who the mysterious man in the woods is. Although clues are scattered throughout the book, the identity of the man in the woods is a secret until the last pages.

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