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1. Why would Edmund choose to trust Dupin?

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2. Why would Edmund not be able to go to the police?

3. If Poe was the half crazed alcoholic that he seems to be in The Man Who Was Poe, would that mean his writings would not be worth reading? Does a writer's character matter when one reads his work?

4. Why does Poe insist that Sis must die?

5. Why can Poe not tell the difference between one of his tales and real life? Why does Edmund stick with him when it is clear that Poe has trouble telling the difference?

6. Is Avi fair to Poe? Is there any way you can tell?

7. What does Poe mean by "Lies have their own truth"? Why is it important to Edmund?

8. Why does Mr. Arnold (also Rachett) want to marry Mrs. Whitman even after stealing the gold?

9. If you did not know from the start that Auguste Dupin was a fictional character created by Poe, would The Man Who Was Poe still be fun to read?

10. Why is Poe reluctant to explain to Edmund what is going on?

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