The Man to Send Rain Clouds by Leslie Marmon Silko

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What happens in The Man to Send Rain Clouds?

In "The Man to Send Rain Clouds," old man Teofilo dies while herding sheep. His grandsons Leon and Ken find him and arrange for a ceremonial burial. Ken's wife Louise suggests that they ask the local priest, Father Paul, to sprinkle some holy water so Teofilo won't be thirsty.

  • Ken and Leon find Teofilo slumped under a tree. His sheep have wandered off, and the two men have to corral them before they can arrange a proper burial ceremony.

  • Ken and Leon decide not to involve Father Paul, the local priest, so that the Christian won't interfere with their burial traditions.

  • Ken's wife Louise, however, suggests that Father Paul sprinkle some holy water so that her grandfather won't be thirsty. This pleases Leon, who thinks Teofilo is sure to bring them big rain clouds now.

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(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

The old man Teofilo has died peacefully while tending sheep out at the sheep camp, away from the village. Leon and Ken find him under a cottonwood tree, but because his sheep have wandered away, the two brothers-in-law first...

(The entire section is 224 words.)