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Dorimant, a London dandy with a great reputation as a lover. He brutally casts off one mistress for another. He masquerades part of the time as Courtage to hide his identity from Lady Woodvill, Harriet’s mother. As Courtage, he wins Lady Woodvill’s admiration, as a means of acquiring her consent to marry her daughter.

Sir Fopling Flutter

Sir Fopling Flutter, a foolish fop. He dresses, acts, and speaks foolishly.

Lady Loveit

Lady Loveit, Dorimant’s mistress. Tired of her, he tries to escape from the entanglement with her. She complains bitterly to Bellinda, not knowing that she is supplanted in Dorimant’s affections by Bellinda.


Bellinda, a beautiful woman who succeeds Lady Loveit as Dorimant’s mistress. She is as amoral as Lady Loveit and Dorimant. She does not mind Dorimant marrying Harriet as long as her love affair with him remains a secret.


Harriet, a beautiful, wealthy girl from the country. She is attracted to Dorimant, but she is the girl Old Bellair wants his son to marry. She is uninterested in marrying young Bellair and he is uninterested in marrying her. She is finally permitted to marry Dorimant.


Bellair, a London dandy and a friend of Dorimant. He wishes to marry Emilia, rather than Harriet, the woman his father has chosen for him. He marries Emilia without his father’s knowledge.

Old Bellair

Old Bellair, Bellair’s father. He falls in love with Emilia, whom his son loves, and wants to marry her himself.

Lady Townley

Lady Townley, young Bellair’s aunt. Bellair hopes she can help him win his father’s consent to marry Emilia.

Lady Woodvill

Lady Woodvill, Harriet’s mother. She is eager for a marriage between her daughter and Bellair. Her main interest is in keeping her daughter from being seduced by Dorimant.


Emilia, a young woman whom Bellair hopes to marry. Old Bellair is also smitten and wants to marry her, not knowing of his son’s intentions. She and Bellair marry secretly before Old Bellair can intervene.

Character List

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Old Bellair—he is the father of Young Harry Bellair, brother of Lady Townley, and enamored of Emilia, to whom his son is betrothed without his knowledge and in defiance of his wish that he marry Harriet.

Young Harry Bellair—in defiance of his father’s wishes, he secretly marries Emilia while pretending to be in love with Harriet.

Belinda—she is in love with Dorimant.

Busy—Harriet’s maid.

Two Chairmen—they mistakenly carry Bellinda to Loveit’s after her meeting with Dorimant.

Mr. Dorimant—a promiscuous gentleman, he ends a liaison with Mrs. Loveit, seduces Bellinda, falls in love with and promises fidelity to Harriet, and ingratiates himself to Harriet’s mother, Lady Woodville, under the name of Courtage.

Emilia—she is in love with Young Bellair and is courted by his father.

Sir Fopling Flutter—foolishly vain about his appearance and his manners to the point of vulgarity, he courts Mrs. Loveit.

Handy—Dorimant’s valet.

Harriet—Lady Woodville’s daughter, she is in love with Dorimant.

Mrs. Loveit—in love with Dorimant, she flirts with Sir Fopling Flutter in order to make Dorimant jealous and to take revenge after he breaks up with her.

Mr. Medley—a friend and confidant of Dorimant.

Pert—Lady Loveit’s maid.

Mr. Smirk—the Parson who marries Young Bellair and Emilia.

Lady Townley—Old Bellair’s sister, she helps the lovers in their rebellion against her brother.

Lady Woodville—Harriet’s mother, she fears her daughter will be seduced by Dorimant; she is charmed by him herself when he courts her as Mr. Courtage.

Character Analysis

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Old Bellair is a lecherous...

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