A Man for All Seasons

by Robert Bolt

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Topics for Further Study

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  • Some of the characters in the play alluded to a potential Yorkist uprising; which characters would have been affected by such an uprising and in what way? What bearing did the claims of the York family to the throne have on More's predicament?
  • Rank in importance the following reasons for More's refusal to take King Henry's oath and explain how they contributed to his decision: religious conviction, personal integrity, concern for public morality. Add any other reasons you consider important.
  • When Robert Bolt adapted his play for film, he eliminated the Common Man. What significance did the Common Man have in the play, and why do you suppose Bolt chose not to include him in the film version? If you have seen the film, explain what devices Bolt and the director used to replace the effect of the Common Man.
  • What role did Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy play in the eventual Reformation of the Catholic Church and its official relationship to the State over the following centuries?

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