The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

David Eddings’ five-book Malloreon series (1987-1991) continues the story of Garion and his friends several years after the events detailed in the Belgariad series (1982-1984). The story revolves around the final confrontation between the power of good, as seen in the Child of Light, and the power of evil, as seen in the Child of Dark. As the tale unfolds, Garion and his comrades must overcome many challenges to rescue his son and, at the end, confront the Child of Dark. During the quest, friendships and romances are created, truths are revealed about several characters, and the conflict between light and dark is resolved. After the light triumphs, balance is restored to the universe and a promise of peace emerges between races and countries that had long been enemies.

In Guardians of the West (1987), Garion, also called Belgarion and the Child of Light, is the new King of Riva, Overlord of the West. He confronts the challenges of learning how to rule. A serious threat arises when Garion and his young friend, Errand, learn of the existence of Zandramas, the new Child of Dark, from the Orb of Aldur, a powerful artifact. Soon thereafter, Garion’s wife, Ce’Nedra, becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, Geran. Garion then visits his grandfather, the wizard Belgarath, and his aunt, the sorceress Polgara, to inform them of the identity of Zandramas.

Garion leaves to fight the Bear-cult after its members murder Brand, the Rivan warder. While Garion is away, Zandramas kidnaps Geran. Evidence points to the Bear-cult. At the end of the novel, however, a seeress named Cyardis appears to Garion and his friends and tells them that Zandramas kidnapped Geran and that they must pursue her. Cyardis also will make the final choice between the Child of Light and the Child of Dark.

Garion’s pursuit begins in King of the Murgos. He is accompanied initially by Ce’Nedra; Belgarath; Polgara and her husband, Durnik; Silk, also known as Prince Kheldar;...

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