The Malloreon Critical Essays

David Eddings


(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Eddings’ Malloreon series contains many of the elements that made the books of the Belgariad popular best-sellers. The five books of the Malloreon received good reviews and made many best-seller lists. As did the earlier Belgariad series, these five books deal with conflicts between immensely powerful beings. The stability of the universe depends on the outcome of these battles. In the Malloreon, Eddings creates a fascinating world populated by believable characters whose actions illustrate a number of interesting themes.

One of Eddings’ greatest strengths is his ability to create believable characters. Even though they exist in a medieval world, his characters speak in the language of the late twentieth century, using terms that most readers can understand easily. Another factor that makes the characters believable is their sense of humor. The lighthearted remarks of Silk, Durnik, and even Belgarath help to engage the interest of readers and make the characters seem more real. Their humor brings needed relief during battles between deities representing the forces of good and evil. Eddings’ characters also express grief, anger, and a range of other emotions that add to their believability. The depth of the characters in the Malloreon causes many readers to identify with them and care about their fate.

One major theme is the conflict between good and evil, which eventually ends in the triumph of the forces of light. As this conflict...

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