The Making of the Achiever Summary

Allan Cox

The Making of the Achiever

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Allan Cox, author of CONFESSIONS OF A CORPORATE HEADHUNTER, is in a good position to assess the needs of American business. He has spent more than twenty years interviewing top-level executives. Contrary to popular trends, Cox thinks that what American business needs is not leadership in the old sense, but achievement. He defines the achiever as one who sees what needs to be done and knows how to get it done himself or through others. The achiever does not merely direct from a distance; he shares himself, his time, and his information with others. He analyzes the company, identifies things that need to be done, and gets them done. His strengths are always utilized for the good of the company, and he does not need to step on others or glorify his own image in the process.

Each of the four major qualities characteristic of achievers is subdivided into its components. For example, an other-centered person has warmth, is a good listener, encourages his associates, thinks positively, and so on. Each chapter begins with a pretest and concludes with an exercise which leads to an action plan.

Cox’s ideal is something of a superman. To have all of these qualities perfectly and at once is not humanly possible, but he has identified a real need, and his book may help those climbing the corporate ladder to see that other qualities besides drive and personal ambition are necessary to be a truly successful executive.