Make It Easy, Make It Light by Laurie Burrows Grad

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Make It Easy, Make It Light

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Is it possible to prepare meals that are as easy as Lean Cuisine, as delicious as classic French food, and as nutritious as mother’s cooking was supposed to be? The answer from Laurie Burrows Grad is yes. Consider a meal that begins with Mexican gazpacho, moves on to poached chicken breasts with basil-lemon sauce accompanied by toasted barley and dried mushrooms cooked in broth and puree of carrot with a lemon accent, and concludes with a pineapple-yogurt refresher. With a bit of planning, this sumptuous meal will require less than an hour to fix; surprisingly, it contains only 704 calories. Like many of the recipes in this book, it is particularly appealing for hot weather, when one does not want to spend lots of time in the kitchen and light meals are welcome.

To create dishes that are at once tasty and nutritious, Grad relies on judicious substitution. The health-conscious eater can still enjoy the popular and rich pasta primavera by replacing the traditional cream with a bechamel sauce made with nonfat milk. Pesto fans can please their palates and waistlines with Grad’s recipe, which uses only two tablespoons of olive oil instead of the usual cup.

In addition to recipes, this book includes almost fifty pages of advice to aid the reforming gourmand. What should one always keep on hand? How often should one go to the grocery store? How can one make food look nice as well as taste good? How can one eat light in restaurants?

In short, MAKE IT EASY, MAKE IT LIGHT is an ideal summertime cookbook that one can enjoy all year long.