Main Street Overview Quiz

Test your knowledge of Sinclair Lewis's novel with eNotes' Main Street Overview Quiz. Includes questions on important plot points and themes, such as small towns vs. big cities.

  1. Who had an affair with Will before he married Carol?

  2. When Carol starts a theater company, what sort of play do the residents want to perform?

  3. What are Carol's first impressions of Gopher Prairie?

  4. Why do the local women find Carol's relationship with Bea improper?

  5. What does the Thanatopsis Club plan to do in a single afternoon?

  6. What derogatory name do the locals give Erik Valborg, the poet?

  7. Where does Carol meet her future husband?

  8. How does Will react when he finds Carol and Erik walking alone in the woods?

  9. How do people react to Carol's exotic Chinese-themed party?

  10. How does Will describe the people who live in his hometown?