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George Amberson Minafer

George Amberson Minafer, the protagonist, the only offspring of Isabel Amberson’s marriage to Wilbur Minafer. During his childhood, when the Ambersons dominate their Midland town, George is spoiled by his mother, becoming a source of irritation to the community. His contempt for those who are not of his own class makes the townspeople yearn for his downfall. He is proud of his status and his powerful family. He falls in love with Lucy Morgan when he is a college student and at his social peak. George, unlike Lucy’s father, Eugene Morgan, is without a profession. Closely linked with the past, he has reigned over the community like a despotic feudal lord. He fails to see the significance of the rising industrial tide and the concomitant decline of his family’s fortune until it is too late. George hates the automobile, as the most visible exponent of progress, and its local manufacturer, Eugene Morgan. George later bars Morgan from his widowed mother’s life. Declining property values, bad investments, and family greed eventually leave George destitute and the sole supporter of his aunt, Fanny Minafer. Ironically, an automobile accident that sends him to the hospital reunites George with Lucy, who still loves him, and Eugene, who forgives him.

Lucy Morgan

Lucy Morgan, the daughter of Eugene Morgan and George’s love interest. Small in stature and possessing a lively wit, she is nevertheless formidable and self-reliant. Having accompanied her peripatetic father on his journeys from an early age, Lucy has an independence that makes her more than a match for George Minafer. Despite enormous pressure from George, she refuses to betroth herself to him as long as he refrains from working for a living. She is thoroughly imbued with the values of her...

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Though only one family is named in the tide of The Magnificent Ambersons, the relationships between members of the Amberson, Minafer,...

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