The Magician's Nephew

by C. S. Lewis

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Can you provide two examples each of personification and metaphors in The Magician's Nephew?

Expert Answers

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METAPHOR - in chapter 1, Digory tells Polly he is crying because he has been "brought up in a beastly hole like this" - he is referring to London.

PERSONIFICATION - in chapter 1, Digory tells Polly that he is freaked out by "Uncle Andrew's step" that comes creeping up the passageway" - this is giving life to the step

PERSONIFICATION - in chapter 1, when Digory and Polly find themselves in Uncle Andrew's study, Polly's "heart came into her mouth" - a way of saying that she was frightened, but a heart cannot come into one's mouth really

METAPHOR - When Uncle Andrew tells Digory he must go to the "Other" place with a green ring to bring Polly back, Digory realizes "the trap he is in" - he is not literally in a trap, but this metaphor means he has no choice - he must go to save Polly

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