The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The three books in this series contain stories dealing with the idea of mana as the energy behind all magic in the world. The Magic Goes Away, a short novel, is set around 12,000 b.c.e. Mana-based magic is the foundation of many an empire, including Atlantis, which was kept afloat by sorcerer-priests. Like any natural resource, mana can be used up, leaving a land barren of magic. A group of magicians realizes this. The Warlock, a two-hundred-year-old wizard; Clubfoot, a lame American Indian; Mirandee, a witch; and the reanimated skull of Wavyhill, an evil magician, join together to find a way to bring magic back to Earth. They are joined by Orolandes, a Greek swordsman who was in on the attack on Atlantis and feels responsible for its destruction. While the magicians look for a source of mana, Orolandes looks for atonement. Another magician, Piranther, refuses to join this group and plans on seizing for himself whatever power source they find.

Wavyhill suggests that they wake up Roze-Katee, the last god left, to gain enough magic to bring the Moon down to Earth so that they can use the mana of the Moon. The group sets off, riding a cloud. They crash land, and Clubfoot and Warlock are captured by Nordik tribesmen. Mirandee, Orolandes, and Wavyhill escape the Nordiks and find the lair of the last god, but they are stopped by Piranther. Piranther then summons Clubfoot and Warlock to the scene. Piranther meets his doom, and the others eventually find a way to bring Roze-Katee, the god of love and madness, back to life. They realize, however, that this might not have been a wise thing to do, as gods are not controllable. A final magical confrontation defeats the god, but at a terrible price for the magicians.

The Magic May Return is a collection of five...

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