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Set deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Kristin Hannah's Magic Hour tells the story of child psychiatrist Dr. Julia Cates and the six-year-old "wild child" she seeks to rehabilitate after devastating abuse. While Julia was once successful and highly respected in the field of child psychiatry, an unfortunate misunderstanding leading to a public scandal nearly ended her career and dealt a deep blow to her confidence. On the brink of beginning again, not quite certain of her direction, Julia receives a call from her estranged sister, Ellie, requesting her help in treating the mute young girl—Julia calls her "Alice"—who randomly wandered out of the Olympic National Forest into the town of Rain Valley, Washington, and whose past is unknown.

While Julia is at first reluctant to take the case on, she ultimately accepts and begins the challenging work of unraveling Alice's past—including from where and...

(The entire section is 307 words.)