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Binchy, Maeve with Cathy Edwards. “Local Heroine.” San Francisco Review of Books 17, No. 3 (March 1992): 6–7.

Binchy discusses her journalist background and her views on feminism.

Donnelly, Gabrielle. “Maeve Binchy's Stories: Good Fun and Potential Greatness.” Chicago Tribune Books (27 October 1991): 3.

Donnelly offers a positive assessment of The Lilac Bus, but notes that some of the stories are stronger than others.

Mills, Nancy. “Circle of Fans.” Chicago Tribune, No. 85 (26 March 1995): 28.

Mills discusses the popularity of Binchy's books and the autobiographical elements in her work.

Murdoch, Anna. “Coming of Age in a Gentle, Irish Way.” Washington Post Book World (24 December 1990): C3.

Murdoch compliments Binchy's characterization in Circle of Friends.

Pate, Nancy. “Maeve Binchy's Night School Offers Lesson in Good Storytelling.” Chicago Tribune, No. 63 (4 March 1997).

Pate offers a positive assessment of Evening Class, praising it as a warm and inviting tale.

Schlegel, Natasha. Review of The Glass Lake, by Maeve Binchy. Europe, 345 (April 1995): 27–28.

Schlegel offers a positive assessment of The Glass Lake, complimenting Binchy's prose and craftsmanship.

Slater, Joyce. Review of Circle of Friends, by Maeve Binchy. Chicago Tribune Books (27 January 1991): 6.

Slater offers a positive assessment of Circle of Friends, calling it “charming.”

———. “Maeve Binchy at Her Best.” Chicago Tribune, No. 57 (26 February 1995): 6.

Slater offers a positive assessment of The Glass Lake and argues that it “may be [Binchy's] most compelling novel to date.”

Additional coverage of Binchy's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction: Biography & Resources, Vol. 1; Bestsellers, Vol. 90:1; Contemporary Authors, Vols. 127, 134; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vols. 50, 96; Contemporary Novelists; Contemporary Popular Writers; DISCovering Authors 3.0; DISCovering Authors Modules: Popular Fiction and Genre Authors; Literature Resource Center; Major 20th-Century Writers, Ed. 1; and Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers.

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