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Characters Discussed

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Henry Huxtable

Henry Huxtable, the respectable, middle-class part owner of the Madras House.

Katherine Huxtable

Katherine Huxtable, the respectable, middle-class wife of Henry Huxtable.

Constantine Madras

Constantine Madras, Katherine Huxtable’s black sheep brother and part owner of the Madras House. To escape English priggishness, he had retreated some years before to Arabia, where he reportedly lived as the master of a harem. Upon his return to England on business concerning the Madras House, he is a threat to the Huxtable idea of respectability and decency. When it is revealed that he is the father of Marion Yates’s unborn child, he expects her meekly to receive his assistance. When she refuses, he is disturbed by her lack of feminine docility and returns to his Arabian household.

Philip Madras

Philip Madras, Constantine Madras’ son. When he learns that his wife, Jessica, is about to fall in love with Major Hippisly Thomas, he recognizes her for the first time as a person. To please her, he gives up his interest in the Madras House in the hope that they can work together for the good of society.

Marion Yates

Marion Yates, an employee at the Madras House and the mother of Constantine Madras’ unborn child.

Jessica Madras

Jessica Madras, Philip Madras’ wife. Feeling herself regarded with indifference by her husband, she is about to fall in love with Major Hippisly Thomas. When she finally is recognized by Philip as a person as well as a wife, she unites with him in an endeavor to be useful to society.

Eustace Perrin State

Eustace Perrin State, an American, a prospective buyer of the Madras House.

Major Hippisly Thomas

Major Hippisly Thomas, Philip Madras’ best friend.

Amelia Madras

Amelia Madras, Constantine Madras’ wife, whom he leaves for life in Arabia.

Mr. Brigstock

Mr. Brigstock and

Miss Chancellor

Miss Chancellor, employees of the Madras House.

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