Madame Bovary Overview Quiz

Madame Bovary is one of the most infamous characters in literature. Be sure you recall the details of her often turbulent life and ultimate demise by taking the eNotes quiz over Gustave Flaubert's masterpiece.

  1. When does Rodolphe Boulanger lose interest in Emma?

  2. Why does Héloïse forbid Charles from returning to the farm?

  3. What event makes Emma long for a life of luxury and realize how dull her life is?

  4. Why hold Emma back from declaring her love for Léon Dupuis?

  5. How is young Charles treated at school?

  6. What medical innovation of Charles's does Emma hope will make them rich and famous?

  7. Why does Emma's father agree to let Charles marry her?

  8. Why does Charles become a doctor?

  9. Why does Emma lose interest in her pregnancy?

  10. How does Charles meet Emma?

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