Macintosh Revealed, Volume Two by Stephen Chernicoff

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Macintosh Revealed, Volume Two

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The Apple Macintosh is an “event-driven” computer. In the form of mouse clicks or keyboard input, the user gives the computer instructions to open or resize windows, to move text using scroll bars, to choose options from the pull-down menus, and so on. Applications written for the Macintosh must utilize its built-in code to provide all possible computer responses to these “events.” Written for the experienced Pascal programmer, this companion volume to the author’s MACINTOSH REVEALED, VOLUME ONE: UNLOCKING THE TOOLBOX is a practical guide to higher-level elements of the user interface that any programmer who wants to develop software for the Macintosh must master: working with windows, with pull-down menus, with dialog boxes and with pushbuttons and other user controls such as scroll bars, creating the various types of dialog boxes, and providing for the distinctive Macintosh cut-and-paste editing. A fully developed text editor application, used to illustrate these uses of the Toolbox, is presented in segments throughout the course of the book.

Each chapter consists of a guidebook designed to be read straight through, followed by a handbook exploring chapter topics in more depth, with reference material for assembly language programmers. Like its companion volume, PROGRAMMING WITH THE TOOLBOX uses text layout and graphics to good advantage. It includes an index and a glossary for both volumes and the complete source code for the MiniEdit example program. MiniEdit is also available from the publisher on disk.