Macbeth Overview Quiz

Our Macbeth Overview Quiz covers important plot points and character developments including the banquet scene, Macbeth's greatest fears, and the subject of Lady Macbeth's hallucinations. Take the quiz to test your knowledge of Shakespeare's most haunting play.

  1. Birnham wood is:

  2. What does Macbeth fear if he carries out the murder of Duncan?

  3. What country serves as the setting for the play?

  4. What does Lady Macbeth hallucinate about as she sleepwalks?

  5. Whom does Duncan name to succeed him as king?

  6. Whom does Lady Macbeth frame for the murder of Duncan?

  7. What does one of the witches keep with her as a charm?

  8. Who kills Banquo?

  9. At the banquet, Macbeth believes which character is sitting in his chair?

  10. Whose army has Macbeth defeated?