Macbeth Act 3 Scene 6 Quiz

Nothing like a few murders to make a naive kid grow up in a hurry. Such is the case with Lennox, a character who exhibits growth and wisdom by the end of this act. It is Lennox, not his elders, who has put the grisly pieces together. Make sure you understand the conclusions Lennox has reached and other factors out of Macbeth's control by taking our exclusive, interactive quiz to Macbeth Act 3, Scene 6. Each of our questions is ranked so that you can understand its level of difficulty. See how your score compares with others who have also taken this quiz. Give it a try below!

  1. True or False: Lennox confesses that he is glad Banquo is dead

  2. What is Malcolm doing in England?

  3. True or False: Lennox believes the sons were responsible for their fathers' deaths

  4. What does Lennox imply regarding the deaths of both Banquo and Duncan?

  5. What is the general consensus about the deaths of Duncan and Banquo?