Macbeth Act 3 Scene 3 Quiz

If Macbeth was a season of "Survivor: Scotland" one of the characters is about to be voted off the island in Act 3, Scene 3. The play isn't called The Tragedy of Macbeth for nothing. Murder and betrayal mark this bloody, memorable scene. Be sure you recall what went down by taking our exclusive, interactive quiz to Macbeth Act 3, Scene 3. Your score is automatically ranked against others so that you can see how well you've done compared to others who have taken this quiz. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? A better grade!

  1. What does one of the murderers repeatedly call for?

  2. True or False: Banquo and Fleance never see or hear their murderers

  3. Where do the murderers make their attack?

  4. Who is killed in the attack?

  5. How many murderers are sent to slay Banquo and Fleance?