Macbeth Act 2 Scene 4 Quiz

If Act 2, Scene 4 left you going, "Um, huh? What? I can't even..." this is not a surprise. The action is fast and furious. Players are dead, people are missing, mystery and accusations abound, and many characters are in mourning for their murdered king. A power vacuum is a dangerous thing and decisions are being made quickly about the future of Scotland. How well are you understanding who-is-doing-what, who-is-saying-what and where the action is headed? Find out by taking our exclusive, interactive quiz to Macbeth Act 2, Scene 4. Rank your score against others and see how you compare. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? A better grade! 

  1. What strange thing do Duncan's horses do?

  2. Where is Macduff headed?

  3. What has been done with Duncan's body?

  4. Why does Macduff say Malcolm and Donalbain are suspects?