Write a defense of, or an attack on, Macbeth. You can pretend to be: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, or a defense lawyer.

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Your question concerning Shakespeare's Macbeth is a bit vague.  I'm not sure if you want a listing of evidence, an argument in paragraph form, etc.  I'll do what I can.

If I were to prepare a case against Macbeth, first I would gather witnesses:  The witches, Fleance, the two murderers, and the men who carried out the Macduff family murders (you'd have to find them).  I would also question Ross, since he was present just before the Macduff murders, and seems to be around the action quite a bit. 

You cold also establish motivation by using anyone present at the discovery of Duncan's body and Macbeth's coronation. 

Plenty of circumstantial evidence exists, but to have solid proof you'd need evidence from all of those who carried out murders for Macbeth.  Of course, you could also try to turn Lady Macbeth and get her to testify against her husband. 

Combining witness testimony and circumstantial evidence should provide you with what you need to convict Macbeth. 

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