Where did Malcolm and Macduff meet in act 4, scene 3?

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Macduff has fled Scotland for England to urge Malcolm to gather his army and return home to overthrow Macbeth as soon as possible. He finds Malcolm at the English court, where he is enjoying the protection of England's good king, Edward. The audience learns for certain that they are at the English court when the doctor enters the scene and Malcolm asks him if the King is coming this way, and the doctor reports that he is. King Edward apparently has the ability to heal the sick, a fact that provides evidence of his divine right to be king as well as casts doubt on Macbeth's right to rule. since Macbeth can not only not heal the sick, but he is actually making Scotland's people more and more wretched.  Edward has agreed to furnish Malcolm with a commander, "Old Siward," and "ten thousand warlike men" who are ready to depart for Scotland at his command (4.3.153).

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