Describe Macbeth's character development in bullet points.

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Macbeth essentially changes from a good man, loyal to his king and friends, into an evil man, all because of his pride and ambition. Therefore, in your list of bullet points that chart character development, you'll want to include any important events that seem to contribute to this progression. I will show you, below, how this might work, up until Macbeth kills King Duncan.

  • Initially, Macbeth is described as "brave" and "valiant" by a captain who saw him fight for king and country, as well as by the king himself (1.2.18, 1.2.26).
  • After the Weird Sisters tell him that he will become Thane of Cawdor and also the king, he begins to develop "horrible imaginings" (1.3.151).
  • He soon begins to conspire against the king's life with Lady Macbeth, his wife, who'd originally thought him too compassionate and kind to consider murder (1.5).
  • Macbeth changes his mind and decides not to murder the king, but his wife talks him back into it by insulting his pride (1.7).
  • He kills the king while Duncan sleeps, instantly regretting it (2.2).

Now, you can carry on, listing out the statements and events that show Macbeth's descent into evil. Good luck!

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