M. F. K. Fisher

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Principal Works

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Serve It Forth [as Mary Frances Parrish] (essays) 1937
Consider the Oyster [as Mary Frances Parrish] (essays) 1941
How to Cook a Wolf (essays) 1942
The Gastronomical Me (essays) 1943
Here Let Us Feast: A Book of Banquets (nonfiction) 1946
Not Now but Now (novel) 1947
An Alphabet for Gourmets (essays) 1949
The Physiology of Taste [translator and editor] (nonfiction) 1949
A Cordiall Water: A Garland of Odd & Old Recipes to Assuage the Ills of Man or Beast (nonfiction) 1961
The Story of Wine in California (nonfiction) 1962
Maps of Another Town: A Memoir of Provence (memoir) 1964
The Cooking of Provincial France (nonfiction) 1968
With Bold Knife and Fork (nonfiction) 1969
Among Friends (memoir) 1970
A Considerable Town (travel sketch) 1978
Sister Age (memoir) 1983
The Boss Dog (novel) 1991
Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon (memoir) 1991
To Begin Again: Stories and Memoirs, 1908–1929 (anthology) 1992

∗These works were published as The Art of Eating: The Collected Gastronomical Works of M. F. K. Fisher in 1954 and reprinted as The Art of Eating: Five Gastronomical Works in 1976.

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