M. F. K. Fisher

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Fisher, M. F. K. "Swiss Journal." Antaeus, No. 61 (Autumn 1988): 129-46.

Relates Fisher's visit to Switzerland in 1938.

Gillespie, Elgy. "The Art of Living." The Washington Post Book World XXIII, No. 4 (24 January 1993): 2.

Adulatory review of To Begin Again, which Gillespie calls "a revelation as well as a bit of a mystery."

Glendinning, Victoria. "The Gastronomical Her." The New York Times Book Review (9 June 1991): 15.

Review of The Boss Dog, Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon, and Jeannette Ferrary's Between Friends, in which the latter is described as a "collection of appreciations" of Fisher's life and career.

Lazar, David. "The Usable Past of M. F. K. Fisher: An Essay on Projects." Southwest Review 77, No. 4 (Autumn 1992): 515-31.

Relates how the author befriended Fisher, whom he had long idolized, and speculates on the psychological basis for her artistry.

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