M. Butterfly Act II, scenes 1-7: Questions and Answers

David Henry Hwang

Act II, scenes 1-7: Questions and Answers

1. Does Gallimard believe that most men envy Pinkerton?

2. On what does Gallimard base his assessment of the Vietnam situation for Toulon?

3. What kind of judgments does Comrade Chin make concerning Song’s behavior?

4. How does Song manipulate the fact that Gallimard has no offspring?

5. How does Song avoid being seen naked by Gallimard?

1. Yes. Gallimard believes that very few men would pass up the opportunity to be Pinkerton.

2. Gallimard makes mistakes in his assessment of the situation in Vietnam because he bases his analysis on the very same false stereotypes that dominate his personal life.

3. Comrade Chin does not approve of Song’s behavior. She is suspicious of actors and homosexuality. Chin’s views are no more based in reality than Gallimard’s. She is in denial about the existence of homosexuality like Gallimard.

4. Gallimard feels guilty that he cannot get his wife pregnant and fears that the problem is his. Song assuages his fears when she provides him with a baby.

5. Song tells Gallimard that she is pregnant in order to avoid stripping for him.