M. Butterfly Act II, scenes 1-7: Summary and Analysis

David Henry Hwang

Act II, scenes 1-7: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Chin: This actor played the part of Suzuki, Cio-Cio-San’s assistant, in the portrayal of the opera, but now she appears as Song’s comrade and intermediary with China.

Renee: A young Western woman with whom Gallimard has a brief affair.

In his cell, Gallimard repeats and dismisses some perfunctory commentary on Puccini’s opera. In his opinion, very few men would pass up the opportunity to be a man like Pinkerton.

Scene 2 opens with a flashback to newfound domestic bliss. According to Gallimard, he and Song have set up a nice flat. During a glimpse of their domestic life, the audience sees how Song asks pointed questions to...

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