M(acha) L(ouis) Rosenthal Theodore Weiss - Essay

Theodore Weiss

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

A number of English poets and critics, some of the best among them, have understandably long resented Pound, Eliot, and Yeats as well….

A similar reaction has occurred in the United States. A number of poets and critics have deprecated Yeats and Eliot (if not so much Pound). (p. 124)

But the detractors of Yeats, Pound, and Eliot, especially the more vehement among them, may be doing these poets a service. They are voicing the inevitable human reaction to success: our tiring of the triumphant, in itself and in our applause of it. This would-be dethronement—the reasonable desire of new poets to throw off the past and to find their own voices notwithstanding—may help to preserve...

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