What strategies did the characters in Lysistrata use to end the war?

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In Lysistrata, the primary strategy the women employ to end the war is withholding sex from the men. A related strategy put in place before that collective action was taken was to get all the women together and agree to present a united front in opposition to the war.

Although the women's unity does later begin to unravel, they are largely successful in taking united decisions and actions that help end the war. One strategy is for the women to move into a central location away from the men and out of their individual households. They occupy the Acropolis, which has the advantage of a readily defensible, hilltop location. They do actually defend it, fighting fire with water.

Perhaps more important, they take the Acropolis because it holds the royal treasury. The women's strategy is to cut off the money supply so the war cannot continue.

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