How do characters, setting, and plot interact in chapter 17 of Lyddie?

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The action of this chapter takes place at the boarding house and at the Concord Corporation factory, and the characters who speak are Lyddie, Rachel, Mrs. Bedlow, Diana, and Brigid. As this chapter begins, Lyddie has just come out of a very serious illness, and she needs to remain in bed for another two weeks recovering. One problem Lyddie needed to solve before she got sick was to find a place for Rachel to live. In this chapter, Rachel lets Lyddie know that she wants to be a doffer at the factory, so Lyddie asks Mrs. Bedlow to intervene. Rachel gets hired, which means she can continue to live at the boarding house with Lyddie. This seems like the perfect solution until Rachel begins to develop a cough, which reminds Lyddie of Betsy's illness that became so severe. Lyddie worries about whether Rachel's health will suffer if she remains at the factory and boarding house. 

Lyddie recovers enough to go back to work at the factory, but she is worried about facing Mr. Marsden. As she was coming down with the fever, she had stomped on his foot when he made an unwelcome advance on her. She discusses the situation with Diana, who first laughs about it, but then predicts that Mr. Marsden might be happy to find any excuse in the future to fire her, which foreshadows Lyddie's dismissal. Returning to work, Lyddie is relieved that Mr. Marsden acts as if nothing has happened. Lyddie is happy to see Brigid again, who has been running her looms for her. Lyddie notices how beautiful Brigid looks; this foreshadows Mr. Marsden's attempt to take advantage of Brigid in a later chapter.

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