Luis Buñuel Joan Mellen - Essay

Joan Mellen

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Within] the confines of [Tristana's] rather melodramatic if morally resonant plot, which always borders on the perverse, as do all of the director's films, Buñuel has managed to interweave meanings that go far beyond the Electra theme. Throughout the film, Buñuel comments on the psychological effects of social dependance. (p. 52)

Buñuel's psychology is impeccable. Her mind a tabula rasa, it is logical that Tristana would become whatever her surroundings provide, that her psychic impulses would be directed by the will of her domineering guardian. (pp. 52-3)

Sexually, Tristana, after her initiation by Don Lope, becomes the sister of Belle de Jour…. Like Belle de...

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