Luigi Pirandello Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Luigi Pirandello Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Luigi Pirandello’s first narratives were greatly influenced by the theories and stylistic attitudes of Verism: objective presentations, careful and detailed description, and an impersonal narrator, composing a “photograph” of a specific environment—generally that of the petite bourgeoisie or the proletariat in a regional setting. At first glance, The Outcast, composed in 1893, appears as an ideal companion to the novels of the major Sicilian naturalists: Verga’s I malavoglia (1881; The House by the Medlar Tree, 1964) and Mastro-don Gesualdo (1889; English translation, 1893, 1923), Capuana’s Il marchese di Roccaverdina (1901), and Federico De Roberto’s I vicere...

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