Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Ludwig Tieck is best known for his novels Geschichte des Herrn William Lovell (1795-1796) and Franz Sternbalds Wanderungen (1798) and for his numerous short stories, fairy tales, and poems. His important critical works are collected in a four-volume set, Kritische Schriften (1848-1852), and in a recent selective edition, Ausgewählte Kritische Schriften (1975). Another of Tieck’s major contributions is his publication of editions of his contemporaries’ works, including Heinrich von Kleists hinterlassene Schriften (1821), Lenz Gesammelte Schriften (1828), and Novalis Schriften (1802; Novalis: His Life, Thoughts, and Works, 1891).

Tieck published translations of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare (Don Quixote, 1799-1800, four volumes; Shakespeares dramatische Werke, 1825-1833, nine volumes), and of other English plays (Alt englisches Theater: Oder, Supplement zum Shakespeare, 1811). He edited German medieval works including Ulrich von Lichtenstein’s Frauendienst (1810) and plays of the Baroque, which appeared in Deutsches Theater (1817).