Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)
ph_0111207670-Anzengruber.jpg Ludwig Anzengruber Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Ludwig Anzengruber’s literary reputation rests on his plays, but he also produced a prodigious quantity of prose, including two novels, Der Schandfleck (1877) and Der Sternsteinhof (1885); numerous novellas and short stories about village life, which are often prose sketches for his plays and which he called “Dorfgaenge”; many calender tales that use the figure of “Steinklopferhans” from his play Die Kreuzelschreiber as the focal character; and many short satiric and lyric works written to support the various magazines, notably Figaro, for which he served as editor. The novel Der Sternsteinhof is often considered Anzengruber’s literary masterpiece.