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In this sequel to CHANCES, spanning the years 1978 to 1984, Jackie Collins continues the story of Gino and Lucky Santangelo, the rich and powerful gangster and his sensual, ruthless daughter. Lucky runs one Las Vegas hotel and has plans to build another in Atlantic City. Her tight control of her life begins to slip away, however, when Gino’s interest and attention is diverted by an opportunistic widow.

Lucky severs her business interests with Gino, intent on making it on her own, but her plans are sidetracked when she becomes pregnant by one of her father’s contemporaries, a Greek billionaire. She eventually marries him and postpones her career.

Although she is a devoted mother, Lucky nevertheless chafes against the restrictions of her marriage. She knows that her husband is unfaithful, and at last, she discovers the man she truly loves, but it is really her desire to work and build her own empire and not her marriage that makes her restless. Matters come to a head when her son is kidnaped by a sadistic gangster from her past, and Lucky works ruthlessly to rescue him.

Although it is a sequel, LUCKY can be read independently of CHANCES. Strategically placed flashbacks encapsulate the major events of the first book and show how they relate to the action of the second. LUCKY itself is like a prime-time soap opera. Numerous subplots are developed, with characters overlapping so that the stories intertwine. Sex, glamour, power, and wealth are much in evidence as the rich and famous manipulate those around them.