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Mrs. Tennant

Mrs. Tennant, the owner of a mansion in Ireland. She is a vague woman. Though she loses a valuable ring, she does not blame her servants, for she realizes she is forgetful.

Charley Raunce

Charley Raunce, Mrs. Tennant’s English footman, who aspires to be the butler. Immediately upon the death of old Eldon, the longtime butler, Raunce acquires the household account book, secures Mrs. Tennant’s agreement, and assumes the butler’s authority in the servants’ quarters. He loves Edith, one of the maids, and finds that she loves him too. He is content to remain in Ireland, safe from service in World War II, until he realizes that he is missing out on the excitement and satisfaction of aiding in the war effort. He decides to return to England, and he and Edith elope.


Edith, an upstairs maid in love with Raunce. It is she who twice finds Mrs. Tennant’s ring and sees to its return. She elopes with Raunce to England.


Kate, another upstairs maid.

Mrs. Burch

Mrs. Burch, the caustic housekeeper, in charge of Edith and Kate.

Mrs. Jack Tennant

Mrs. Jack Tennant, Mrs. Tennant’s daughter-in-law. Her love affair with Captain Davenport scandalizes the servants’ quarters.

Captain Davenport

Captain Davenport, one of Mrs. Tennant’s neighbors. He is found one morning by Edith in bed with Mrs. Jack Tennant.


Albert, Raunce’s assistant. He leaves Mrs. Tennant’s service because he thinks his employer suspects he might have stolen the ring that disappears. He returns to England and becomes an aerial gunner.

Jack Tennant

Jack Tennant, Mrs. Tennant’s son, on military duty in England. When his mother and wife leave Ireland to visit him, the servants are upset at being left on their own in the mansion and almost desert their duties.




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