Love's Labor's Lost Overview Quiz

Navigate the intricacies of courtship, disguise, and vows in Shakespeare's classic work with eNotes' Love's Labor's Lost Overview Quiz.

  1. Who is pregnant at the end of the play?

  2. Maria is wearing this color of dress when the ladies arrive:

  3. For whom does Berowne intend his love letter?

  4. Where did Berowne and Rosaline once dance?

  5. What do the king and his lords swear off for three years?

  6. What gift does Navarre give to the Princess of France?

  7. What is the intention of the "little academe"?

  8. Who is the first to break the rules?

  9. Who does Dull catch fooling around at the beginning of the play?

  10. About what do the princess and king argue?

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