What techniques does Duras use in ''The Lover'' to influence the reader's emotions and expectations?

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I believe you are asking how the author, Marguerite Duras, connects with the audience in telling the story of her childhood in Indochina (French colonial Vietnam) and her Chinese lover when she was only a teenager. Firstly, Duras writes in the first person, and she writes in a way that establishes intimacy with the audience because her story, while deceptively intricate, is confessional. Duras writes with a deep awareness of her audience. Secondly, Duras writes about very personal subjects that sometimes astonish the reader, and she also tells brutal truths about her family, such as her brother being physically abusive to her and her mother's very real troubles with the land that she owns and her inability to turn a profit. This leads Duras to disclose in detail her family's economic situation, which further connects with the reader.

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