The Lovely Bones Quizzes: Snapshots, Chapters 17-20
by Alice Sebold

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Quizzes: Snapshots, Chapters 17-20

Study Questions

1. Who is Sophie Cichetti?

2. Do dogs go to heaven?

1. She was the mother of a Hell's Angel, Ralph Cichetti, who shares the details of her death with Hal Heckler. Her killer had built dollhouses: it was Mr. Harvey.

2. Holliday (the Salmons' dog) does. He's so happy to see Susie that he knocks her over.

Chapter 17:
Study Question

1. Why do Samuel and Lindsey end up running home?

1. Two reasons. First, they shift off the motorcycle they're riding because the rain gets too hard, and it becomes dangerous to ride. Then, they run home because they are so excited to share the news of their upcoming marriage.

Chapter 18:
Study Questions

1. How does Ruth know where girls have been killed?

2. What does "Let go" mean?

1. She gets flashes of intensely vivid images that burn themselves into her memory.

2. It is what Mr. Salmon hears a small voice inside him say when he has his heart attack. It could mean "let go and die," but it could also mean "let Susie go."

Chapter 19:
Study Question

1. What does it mean when Mrs. Salmon says "I lied to you" to her daughter Lindsey?

1. It refers to her affair with Len Fenerman. She's admitting she had it, and, by implication, promising that she'll be more truthful from now on.

Chapter 20:
Study Question

1. In what way does Susie see herself and Len Fenerman as being alike?

1. She says that they both follow "the physical to try to understand things that were impossible to comprehend." Though she should hate him for contributing to the troubles in her family, it is this emotional connection with Fenerman that lets Susie respect him.