The Lovely Bones Quizzes: Chapters 6-10
by Alice Sebold

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Quizzes: Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6:
Study Questions

1. Why doesn't Ray Singh kiss Susie when they are hiding backstage?

2. Why does Mr. Salmon find it hard to talk to Ruana Singh?

1. The stage door opens, startling them, and three people come in: two teachers and Ruth Connors.

2. Her beauty and self-possession put him off balance.

Chapter 7:
Study Questions

1. Where does the story of the knight come from?

2. When and how does Buckley almost die?

1. Susie and Lindsey tell it back and forth, developing it a bit at a time, in response to the grave rubbing that hangs in their family's home.

2. He chokes on a twig when he is three, but Susie races him to the hospital and saves him.

Chapter 8:
Study Question

1. What is Mr. Harvey's favorite building to dream about?

2. The Church of the Transfiguration.

Chapter 9:
Study Questions

1. How does her family learn that Lindsey has a boyfriend?

2. Who was the first dead body Lindsey and Susie had seen?

1. Grandma Lynn sees it in the excitement of her eyes, when she's helping Lindsey put on makeup.

2. A neighbor named Bethel Utemeyer. She used to call Lindsey "Natalie." When Susie meets her again, in heaven, she learns that this was Mrs. Utemeyer's daughter's name.

Chapter 10:
Study Questions

1. Who were the "Masters of Arcane Knowledge"?

2. What symbol does Ruth Connors have on her name tag, and why?

1. These were kids who were so smart they seemed to know things easily, much more quickly even than the "gifted" kids. Samuel Heckler is one.

2. A fish (a salmon), to symbolize her connection to Susie.