illustration of Susie in the clouds with her charm bracelet above her head

The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

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Quizzes: Chapters 21-23, Bones

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Chapter 21:
Study Questions

1. Who was Grandman Lynn's first kiss?

2. When and how does Ray finally kiss Susie?

1. Mr. McGahern, a father of one of her friends.

2. At her locker, suddenly, as she's saying his name.

Chapter 22:
Study Question

1. How does Susie convince Ray that it is her in Ruth's body, not Ruth?

1. He suspects something because she's acting different, but the first real evidence is when she knows where the key is hidden for Hal's bike shop. Later she shares details about the note Ray wrote that only Susie would know.

Chapter 23:
Study Question

1. What does Grandma Lynn see out the window as she's getting water for the people playing the drums?

1. She sees "a young girl wearing the clothes of her youth." It isn’t clear if this is another ghost, come to visit, or if this is a projection of Grandma Lynn's own younger self, but it is definitely another instance of the past breaking through into the present.

Study Questions

1. What does Ray Singh do when he doubts that there is an afterlife?

2. What is Mr. Harvey trying to do when he dies?

1. He calls Ruth, who has experienced it directly.

2. He's trying to kill another teenaged girl, but when he follows her out into the snow beyond the bus station, an icicle falls on his neck and he falls into a snow-filled ravine.

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