The Lovely Bones Quizzes: Chapters 11-16
by Alice Sebold

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Quizzes: Chapters 11-16

Chapter 11:
Study Questions

1. Why does Mr. Harvey set alarms in his house?

2. What is in the crawlspace at Mr. Harvey's house?

1. To remind himself to do things like draw the blinds and turn the lights on and off, so his house will appear normal.

2. Bones from many animals he's killed, in his attempt to keep himself from killing girls.

Chapter 12:
Study Question

1. How did Len Fenerman's wife die?

1. She committed suicide.

Chapter 13:
Study Question

1. Why do Lindsey and Mr. Salmon decide she should break into Mr. Harvey's house?

1. They decide he's guilty based on the weirdness Mr. Salmon sees in his movements, and the way their family dog dislikes him. They decide Lindsey should break in, rather than Mr. Salmon, because the damage to his knee limits his movement.

Chapter 14:
Study Question

1. What does Susie do while her sister is breaking in to Mr. Harvey's house?

1. She watches her. She also remembers the names of all the victims, and calls them out, in a kind of ritual litany.

Chapter 15:
Study Question

1. What makes Mr. Harvey decide that it is terrible to be a woman or a child?

1. The sickening fear he feels when the three men try to get at his mother when they are trapped in their pick-up truck.

Chapter 16:
Study Question

1. How do the Salmon family learn of the memorial in the cornfield?

1. Lindsey hears the singing through a window.