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The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

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In The Lovely Bones, is Susie undressed when Mr. Harvey kills her?

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On page 8 of my version of this book, which is the ebook, Mr Harvey instructs Susie to take her clothes off. This, he says, is so that he can check if she is still a virgin.

Rather than obeying him, however, the author tells us that Susie started to fight her attacker. Mr Harvey retaliates by stuffing her hat into her mouth to stifle her pleas for freedom.

Susie did not end up entirely naked, despite Mr. Harvey ripping the pants into which her mother had sewn a zip. While it is not made clear whether he removed her underwear, we are told that Susie was raped before her murder. The book makes no reference to Susie's upper garments being removed.

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